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World Series Game 5: Vomit

World Series Game 4: Call A Priest

World Series Game 3: Stupid Baseball Fans

World Series Game 2: Body Parts

World Series Game 1: Things that don't belong

NLCS Game 5: Bitching 'Bout Pitching

NLCS Game 4: Szczing and Leaving

NLCS Game 3: Buck Sucks

NLCS Game 2: AssStats

NLCS Game 1: Confusion

NLDS 16: Be Leavin

NLDS 16: Wrong Answers

NLDS 16: The Pose Heard Round the World.

NLDS 16: Holes

Fly The T



Belly Itchers

A Catcher's Goodbye

Bad Memories

Missing Teeth

19th Century Mule Lit 101

Runnin' Ross!


Finish Strong

Division Party

Junior Varsity Walk Off

St. Clinchington's Day

Dick in the Box

"Happy" Fans

Trader Joe

Pulling Pitchers

Offensive Substitutions

The Truth is Out There

About Time

I Don't Know's On Third

No No No.

Hipster Pence

Using the Broom

Quick and Slow

Good Players, Bad Plays


Tough Outing/Tough Name

Great Games

Movie References

Worst All Star Ever

Punch Out!

Got Some E?

Everybody's Doing It

Hot Takes

The Weird and the Wonderful

Hits Not HIts

Two to the Wall

The Garza Chinstrap

Choking & Smacking


Bean Ball

Bad Calls, Bad TEeth

The Second Half

Bad Choi-ces


Just 1 More



As Seen On TV

Shut Out

Not How they drew it up

Nice Comparison

Baker's Dozen

Changing Tunes

Not that good

All Start, No Smart


Weiner Winners


Dexy's Back

Throwback Problems

Mistaken Identities

Blinded By Balls

Pitching Bitching


Fair Balls

Home Run Recycling

Work Ethic

Cincinnati Chili

Hats To The Left Field

Not as good as you thought

Five Hour Energy

Not Roger

Bad reactions

Mysteries of Miami

Sweep Relief

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Athletic supporters

Other Leagues

Have Mercy

Save Ferris

Stupid Sayings

Contemplating Closers

Assessing Teams

Heavy Losses

Seventh Heaven or Hell?

The ROOGY Starter

BassAckwards Double Play

Confused? So was everyone else. Watch it here.

Tough Ninth

Faulty Logic

Conspiracy Theories

Nothing to See here

Armchair General Managers

PItching Geniuses

They obviously did not watch the game

Searching for Issues

Sweeping Generalizations


Homer Excitement

Old Arguments

Lessons Learned

Situational Misunderstandings

Truths Hurt

Cain and Unable




Long Nines

Surprising Win/Surprising Loss

Throwing Fits is a Good Thing?

Do You Understand the Words that are Coming Out of My MOUTH?

Two Losses, Two Perspectives

Hats to the Left, Arrows to the Right

Ask and You Shall Receive

Walks Confuse the Fans

Pitching Problems

Stating the Obvious

Cinco De Mayo at Wrigley Field

A Misunderstanding Of What Fun Is

CubesFan not confident; JollyRoger not jolly

The Rivalry Gets Heated

Lack of Perspective

More or Lester

April Baseball

Brennaman Does Not Approve of Early Runs

Curse of the Gift Horse

Market Inequalities

Cubes Fan Be Cubing

Don't Overthink It

Losers of the Race

Hoosier Pitcher?

Everybody wins except Cubes Fan

TGIF Used To Be A Good Thing


Amazon Free Trial!

Five Run First Inning

Different World Views

False Realities

The Long Season


Schwarber and D-Bags Go Down

Lineups and Losses

Is Angels Stadium in L.A. or Anaheim?

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